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Shelby Series 1 - Steering Wheel Slop

Discussion in 'Shelby Limited Editions' started by DSR31, Apr 6, 2009.

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    Oct 13, 2008
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    I don't think the problem with slop in the steering is unique to my Series 1 alone. At over 90mph the steering gets loose and a distinct slop {play} in the steering wheel develops. It's an unsettling problem and makes the S1 difficult to drive at speed.

    We decided to tear apart the steering column to see if we could determine the problem and we did! There are actually two small universal joints in the steering assembly: one you can see when looking into the engine compartment and another you cannot which is located along a bottom frame member behind a protective metal shroud. It is one or both of these universals which is your problem. With my S1, it was the lower one and once we removed the shroud, changed the u-joint for a upgraded racing quality one {sourced from Pegasus Racing Supplies}, my problems were solved. Also, the stock u-joints are installed with pins (which can create slop); do it right and weld the u-joint connections. No fun driving with all that play is what I say...:thumbup:

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