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Series 1 questions, relating to Peter Bryant

Discussion in 'Shelby Limited Editions' started by bitzman, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Apr 15, 2005
    I was reading a quote about Peter Bryant, the original engineer of the prototypes for the Series 1 and I thought he
    said that two complete prototypes were built, maybe of steel or fiberglass, but I was wondering if those were running
    driving cars that you could take down the highway or just rollers for an auto show presentation?
    Maybe they look like the car that was on the cover of Automobile magazine, that was about 30% different than the car that they finally produced.

    Also I read that the second body designer (after Michael Mate) designed a fastback coupe
    and I was wondering if there's a picture of that anywhere, or was there a full size clay model built?

    By the way I noticed a Series 1 in an auction in Scottsdale. Did not record what it sold for but
    I think they are on their way up as collector's items.

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