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New Ford GT book out...

Discussion in 'GT40 & Ford GT' started by bitzman, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Apr 15, 2005
    I have only read about this. I hesitate to say "book" because it might be purely promotional, no opinions, just facts on colors, numbers made, etc. But I could be wrong. Anyhow here's the description as it was mailed to me. I also lack the price but I think if only 1000 are printed, it'll be collectible, that's not even one for every four Ford GT owners (4038 made totalling '05 & '06 together)

    Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience
    SVT Owners Association Announces Publication of
    Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience
    Ford GT supercar the first subject in a series of specialty publications

    The SVT Owners Association (SVTOA) is proud to announce the publication of the first in a series of books focused on vehicles engineered by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT). "Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience" is now available via the SVTOA’s online store (

    About the Ford GT
    The story of the 2005-2006 Ford GT has deep roots in Ford Motor Company racing history. Heralded as “Pace Car for an Entire Company,” the Ford GT took center stage during Ford Motor Company’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in 2003, and won the hearts of the automotive public. Ford delivered just over 4,000 Ford GTs to the public throughout the two-year production run, and the enthusiasm for this American-grown supercar continues years after production ceased.

    Ford GT - The Complete Owners Experience

    SVTOA tells the Ford GT story not only from an engineering and logistical perspective, but also from the point of view of the owners, whose connection to these cars is the true measure of success for Ford Motor Company.

    This hardcover, full-color book consists of:
    • 200 information-packed pages, including a comprehensive index covering all technical aspects of the car and production figures
    • Historical roots of the Ford GT supercar, including previously unpublished photography
    • Foreword by Fred Goodnow, Ford GT Design and Engineering Manager
    • Photographic chronicle of the Ford GT build process from beginning to end
    • Complete listing of each Ford GT vehicle identification number and build date
    • Examination of the engineering feats accomplished during development, as well as insider information from the engineers themselves
    • Hundreds of full color photos, including stunning images from award-winning photographer Paul Michael Kane.

    Other Features:
    • “Owner Profiles” in which Ford GT owners explain their connection to their car
    • Ford Official Licensed Product
    • Purchase and maintenance tips
    • Limited edition – Only 1,000 books will be printed and each book in this first edition printing will be individually numbered with an engraved serial number plaque.


    Joseph V. Limongelli - A long time collector of both luxury and performance vehicles, Joseph Limongelli is the quintessential example of the automotive enthusiast. His automotive collection has spanned seven decades of classic vehicles. The purchase of a 2005 Ford GT and involvement in the Ford GT community brought many new friends into the fold for this gregarious Italian and earned him the nickname “GT Joey.” By joining forces with the SVTOA, Joey was able to put his fondness for the Ford GT into print and share with other Ford enthusiasts the experience of GT ownership in a way that has never been done in any other book. Now the proud owner of three Ford GTs, he has the knowledge and experience to aid future owners in the purchase and care of Ford’s finest supercar. This book is the culmination of years of passion for performance cars.

    Marcie A. Cipriani, SVTOA National Director - In 1999 Marcie became involved in a grassroots book project spearheaded by Tom Shreiner that led to the publishing of the "SVT Mustang Cobra Recognition Guide 1993-2000", which introduced her to the world of Ford’s Special Vehicle Team. The success of that book led to the publishing of the "Fox-Body Mustang Recognition Guide 1979-1993" in 2003. Each project resulted in the formation of new friendships and connections within Ford Motor Company, SVT and Ford Racing and eventually put Marcie in line to become the National Director of the SVTOA. With the help of a few former SVT staffers, Marcie handles the day-to-day operations of the club and tends to communications and event organization for club members across the country. Along with this new job title, came new opportunities to continue the work begun with the original "SVT Mustang Cobra Recognition Guide" and create more books focused on the amazing vehicles produced by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, a venture gladly undertaken on behalf of all Ford fans worldwide.

    Ford oval, SVT and Ford GT are registered trademarks owned and licensed by Ford Motor Company.

    For more information:
    Marcie Cipriani ; ; 570-971-4839
    To order:

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