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Looking for 1967 Shelby GT500 VIN# 67400F2U00820

Discussion in 'Lost, Found & Looking' started by Jimmy, Oct 30, 2019.

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    Mar 8, 2008
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    Hello Everyone,

    So it's been a long haul but I caught a break in my search for my old 1967 Shelby GT500. Thanks to a great community of car guys and my new friend who I sold the car to back in 1983, Duane Karam. If anyone knows anymore information or recognizes the car, place, people, please reach out to me. The car was later sold by Duane to Mike Johnson, who owned it for a couple years and then sold to John Frimand who sold it around 90/91 to someone who claimed to be performing a full restoration. John does not remember who the guy was he sold it to so the trail has gone cold but the big break is that we have the VIN now. Here is a pic of what it looked like around 1983 just after I sold it to Duane and most importantly, the Shelby VIN is 67400F2U00820 which was an original Dark Metallic Blue, White Interior, 4spd, non-thermactor, non-AC car. I changed the interior to black in 82.

    I lived in Downey, CA and sold the car to Duane who lived in Glendora, CA. Mike Johnson who is the next owner also lived in Glendora, CA, he sold it to John Frimand who also lived in Glendora, CA. John though he sold it to a guy who lived on a side street off of Grand Ave in Glendora, CA who owned some Panteras and boss mustangs and claimed he intended to perform a full restoration on the car. This was back in 90/91.

    I've checked with Dave Mathews who is the 67 Registrar and he has no more info other than the original buyer in 67. I also checked with Kevin Marti to see if a report has ever been pulled and they said no. This tells me it's probably never been restored and could be sitting in a garage somewhere.

    In the background is Duane's 1968 Shelby GT350 which is car# 3166 which is also lost and he is looking for. Any info for that car should be passed along to Duane.

    ***Reward of $1,000.00 to anyone who puts me in touch with the current owner***

    Thanks to everyone and best of luck in all of your searches.

    Pics sent by Duane Karam 10-3-19(1).jpg

    Pics sent by Duane Karam 10-3-19(2).jpg

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