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Is this the high water mark for a carryover?

Discussion in '1965-1970 Shelby Mustang GT350 & GT500' started by rshelby, Jan 13, 2019.

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    Jan 1, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    1966 Shelby GT30 Carryover - SFM6S061
    Mecum Kissimmee
    SOLD: $440,000
    $300,000 - $350,000

    • SFM6S061
    • 1 of 252 Carryover Cars 1965
    • Owned and lovingly maintained by the same family since 1967
    • Davis' cousin purchased the car in 1967 at approximately 900 miles
    • Purchased by Davis in the 1990s
    • Shipped new to Republic Ford, Inc. in Houston Texas
    • One cosmetic refresh administered in 1992 in correct Wimbledon White with Blue Lemans stripes
    • Body has never been disassembled
    • Original drivetrain
    • 289/306 HP V-8 engine
    • 4-barrel carburetor
    • Hollow letter valve covers
    • Toploader 4-speed transmission
    • Front disc brakes
    • Original interior and glass
    • Dash-mounted 9,000 RPM tachometer
    • Single chrome mirror
    • Functional rear quarter scoops
    • Shelby/Cragar 5-spoke wheels

    Owned and maintained by the same family since 1967, this 1966 Shelby GT350 is offered for sale from the Wayne Davis Collection for the first time in more than 50 years. Sold new in February 1966 at Republic Ford in Houston, Texas, the Shelby was acquired two years later by Davis’ cousin. Davis purchased the GT350 from his cousin in the 1990s and has owned it ever since. Listed in the Shelby Registry as VIN SFM6S061, the GT350 is one of 252 known as “carryover cars.” In order to have Shelby Mustangs in showrooms for the beginning of the 1966 model year, Shelby American started with 1965 fastbacks, converting them into 1966 GT350s with a number of 1965 Shelby components, including 15-inch wheels, lowered A-arms, Koni shock absorbers and override traction bars. The Mustang grille and instrument panel were also updated to 1966 specs. The Davis family GT350 remains very original with its factory interior, window glass and early production hollow-letter aluminum valve covers. There was one cosmetic refresh in 1992 in the correct Wimbledon White with blue stripes. The body has never been disassembled and the 306 HP Cobra 289, Toploader 4-speed and nine-inch rear end are original to the car. Per the Shelby Registry, 6S061 was ordered with the optional 15-inch Shelby/Cragar 5-spoke wheels. Like all 1966 GT350s, the Davis Shelby was delivered to Shelby American as a K-code Mustang fastback. To differentiate the 1966 model and to further distinguish the Shelby from the standard Mustang, functional quarter-panel scoops were added along with Plexiglas windows in the C-pillars. Under the hood, the 289 High Performance engine was modified with an aluminum intake with Holley 4-barrel and Tri-Y headers. Inside, the Mustang’s black standard interior was updated with a wood steering wheel, dash-mounted 9,000 RPM tachometer and competition seat belts.

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