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Ford GT/110 saw a picture of the second chassis today; It was more complete

Discussion in 'GT40 & Ford GT' started by bitzman, May 5, 2013.

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    Apr 15, 2005
    I can't remember if it had suspension pieces but it was a complete tub. The guy who had the xerox copy of the photo said that one went to McLaren to make the open race car, the second to Holman & Moody. So did Holman & Moody ever dispense of it? I think since it was built in period (the sixties) it could be built out as a legitimate Ford GT lightweight. But the guy who showed me the xerox photo said neither car had a SN plate, but I think one raced at Mosport in Canada, Here's the reference. As a open race car in USRRC it had the '65 GT40 long nose.

    GP Canada Mosport 1965 - Photo Gallery - Racing Sports Cars
    Photo Gallery from race GP Canada Mosport 1965 on Racing Sports Cars website ... Ford GT-X1 #GT/110 - Ford A 427 V8 7000 cc N/A: Bruce McLaren Racing Ltd. (GB) - Cached

    so inorder to cross the border I would think they (customs) would check your SN if they thought you might be importing the cars to sell (at least it was the other way around when I bought a gullwing in Canada). Or maybe if you were a big league race tem they just waved you through like you are celebrities. But I don't think Ford could have exported it to Europe to race without the cars bearing SN plates (chassis plates).
    Anyway I heard one of the mechanics that stripped the first chassis of bodywork, engine , trans, etc. also kept the chassis plate as a souvenir so if that's true one had a chassis plate, so why wouldn't the other?
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