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FOR SALE: ORIGINAL 1967 GT350/500 Showroom Brochure, Color, Excellent Condition

Discussion in 'Shelby Collectibles: Books, Model Cars, Posters & ' started by vernonestes, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. vernonestes

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    Jan 14, 2007
    Hi Guys,

    First off, thanks for looking!

    I recently purchased a large amount of varied literature which originated from an ex-dealer. In the pile was a few of these 1967 color showroom brochures. All in excellent condition. I have been listing a few on eBay for the last few weeks...two weeks ago, one sold for over $150. Generally they bring between 55 and 75 depending on the week.

    Nice examples are tough to find and, if you own a 67 Shelby, its something you should not be without!

    Forum price is $50 each, well packed and shipped to your door in the US! International postage is $15.

    Get em while you can. I will post on the thread if I run out of them!

    Please PM me if you would like one or send an email to "vestes85" AT "GMAIL" dot "COM"....please include your preferred shipping address in your message!

    Thanks for your time guys!



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