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Carroll Shelby to be inducted into the SCCA Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'Carroll Shelby Tribute' started by rshelby, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Road racing legends Skip Barber, Bill Noble, Bobby Rahal, Carroll Shelby and Andy Porterfield make up the 2013 SCCA Hall of Fame Class for significant contributions to motorsports and the Sports Car Club of America, as announced Tuesday by the SCCA.
    The newly selected class will be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the SCCA National Convention on March 2, 2013 in Las Vegas.
    The SCCA National Hall of Fame was created in 2004 to preserve, protect and record the history and accomplishments of the club by acknowledging those members who have made a significant impact on the development of SCCA, be it through service to the national organization, achievements in national competition, bringing national recognition to SCCA, or a combination of these factors. Nominations were submitted to and reviewed by the Hall of Fame Nomination and Selection Committees before the inductees were selected. Here's a capsule look at this year's class of inductees:

    Carroll Shelby
    Shelby's impact on the SCCA will last long into the future, even if you ignore the mark he made as a driver that won an SCCA National Championship in 1956 (Formula Libre). Though Shelby competed in eight Formula One races and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, his legacy is, obviously, as the man who practically invented the American iron pony car. In 49 SCCA National Championship Runoffs, 35 drivers have left with the gold medal in either a Mustang or a Shelby Cobra. An entire SCCA class, American Sedan, features cars that either are a Ford Mustang, or were built to compete on the showroom floor with the iconic sports car. Beyond Club Racing, the GT 350 was also the inaugural Trans-Am Series manufacturer champion. Shelby passed away in May 2012 at the age of 89.

    John “Skip” Barber
    Barber, a 54-year member of the SCCA and president and owner of Lime Rock Park, has seen thousands of SCCA racers pass through the Skip Barber Driving School that he started and bears his name to this day. As a driver, Barber won the Formula Ford (now Formula F) National Championship in back-to-back years at the Runoffs, winning in 1969 and 1970. The 1970 title was paired with another championship in Formula B -- a class that became Formula Atlantic -- to earn him that season's President's Cup. Barber drove in five races in Formula One (1971 and 1972).

    William James “Bill” Noble
    Noble became one of the most successful championship-winning drivers in SCCA history and had a hand in many more as an engine builder. A renowned engine builder and five-time national champion in one of club racing's most competitive classes, his “Engines by Noble” have captured an incredible 25 National Championships in the 49-year history of the Runoffs. Noble was awarded the Road Racing Driver's Club Mark Donohue Award in 1989. The Kansas Region of the SCAA presents the Bill Noble Award to the driver who best exemplifies the combination of mechanical expertise, driving skill, and competitive sportsmanship that were Noble's traits. To display that sportsmanship, Noble had a long-standing offer to engine customers: Anytime a customer wanted to trade their engine for the one in Noble's car, he would not only take them up on it, but help them install the engine. Noble passed away in 2011 at the age of 69. His business and racing legacy are continued by his widow, SCCA chairman Lisa Noble.

    Andrew Tracy “Andy” Porterfield
    Porterfield is inducted for his years of contributions to the Club, both as a driver and behind the scenes. Porterfield, known as a Corvette racer, won the 1978 and 1979 national championships in B Production, and was Southern Pacific Division champion an unprecedented 23 times. A regular racer in SCCA Trans-Am races, Porterfield served on the Cal Club Region Board for 16 years, including as region executive for five years. He served on the SCCA Board of Directors, and was selected as the chairman of the board of SCCA Enterprises, where he continued to help grow and maintain the subsidiary until his death. Porterfield also organized the corner workers in the early days of the Long Beach Grand Prix. A winner of the 2008 John McGill Award for contributions to club racing and the Woolf Barnato Award in 2009 for outstanding long-term contribution to the SCCA, Porterfield's SCCA credentials are unquestioned. Porterfield passed away in April 2012, but will continue to influence SCCA racers through his Porterfield Brakes, a company he founded in 1986.

    Robert Woodward “Bobby” Rahal
    As a 22-year-old, Rahal was awarded the SCCA President's Cup following his 1975 Formula B (soon to be renamed Formula Atlantic) National Championship. Using club racing as a springboard, Rahal went on to drive IMSA and in the SCCA Trans-Am Series before becoming a champion open-wheel driver. The 1986 Indianapolis 500 winner won CART Championships in 1986, 1987, and 1992, as well as the series' Rookie of the Year award in 1982. Rahal is the current co-owner of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, where they've recently hired 2005 SCCA National Champion Graham Rahal (son of the newest Hall of Famer) to drive in the IndyCar Series.

    Previous classes in the SCCA Hall of Fame:
    2005: Cameron Argetsinger, A. Tracy Bird, John Fitch, Arthur Gervais, Harry Handley, Vern Jaques, Bill Milliken, Sue Roethel, Art Trier and Rob Walker.
    2006: John Bornholdt, John Buffum, Mark Donohue, Denise McCluggage and Grant Reynolds.
    2007: Marge Binks, Marc Gerstein, Carl A. Haas, General Curtis E. LeMay, and Theodore F. Robertson.
    2008: Roger E. Johnson, Don and Ruth Nixon, Kjell Qvale, Robert Ridges and Fred Schmucker.
    2009: Bill Chambres, Bill Johnson, Jim Kimberly, Paul Newman and John Timanus
    2010: Nick Craw, Briggs Cunningham, R. David Jones, Burdette “Berdie” Martin and Wayne Zitkus
    2011: Karen Babb, John Bishop, Jim Fitzgerald, Tracer Racing, Harro Zitza
    2012: Charlie Earwood, Jim Hall, Gene Henderson, Dr. Peter Talbot, Bryan Webb
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    Cool - He is most deserving of this honor.
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    LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 2, 2013) – Motorsports legends Bobby Rahal, Skip Barber, Carroll Shelby, Bill Noble and Andy Porterfield were inducted into the Sports Car Club of America Hall of Fame on Saturday night in Las Vegas at a ceremony presented by Mazda.

    The five inductees joined eight previous classes to cap the 2013 SCCA Convention presented by SafeRacer at the South Point Hotel and Casino.

    Rahal, Barber, and family members of the late Shelby, Noble and Porterfield addressed the nearly 400 event attendees.

    Rahal used his 1975 SCCA National Championship as a springboard to a long professional racing career that included a win in the 12 Hours of Sebring, the 1982 CART Rookie of the Year award, a 1986 Indianapolis 500 win, and series championships in 1986, 1987, and 1992. Even with those highlights, Saturday night’s honor was special.

    “I’ve been inducted to other halls of fame, and that’s great,” Rahal said. “But being inducted into the SCCA Hall means more, because there’s an emotional attachment. I remember growing up, I lived SCCA. My summer times as a kid were made up of Little League baseball and going racing with my dad. What made SCCA so valuable is that it was a family sport. For the most part, it was just regular guys exercising their passion and their interest in racing.

    “SCCA was my roots. That’s why coming here tonight was so special, because it’s coming home. I thank you all for this tremendous honor.”

    Like Rahal, Barber used SCCA National Championships to launch a career. Barber’s 1969 and 1970 Formula Ford National Championships followed a few years of sports car racing, and preceded the formation of the internationally known Skip Barber Racing School. The school has served as the foundation for thousands of champion racers.

    “I had three different careers in our sport,” Barber said in his address. “The first one started with a Bugeye Sprite and ended with a McLaren. It lasted about eight years.

    “That’s when Formula Ford started. That was the first time I ever had really good efforts.”

    Those efforts landed the national titles for Barber, who discussed his perpetual shyness and the lack of funding early in his driving career.

    “The third was the school in Lime Rock, and that one worked,” Barber continued. “It was weird, I never thought I could earn a living that way. I thought I was still racing – but I was the only one that did! Off we went, and it quickly spread through the country.”

    Shelby’s name goes hand and hand with the American muscle car industry, but as a driver he won the 1956 SCCA National Championship in Formula Libre. Shelby was an SCCA member from 1952 through his death in 2012.

    “My grandfather always thought highly of this organization, and thought it was the epitome of what racing was about,” Shawn Shelby said.” It’s people like those of you in this room that drove him to leave a mark for so many years. For my family, I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing that passion with him.”

    In accepting the honor on behalf of his famous grandfather, Shelby dropped a bombshell in a room full of sports car enthusiasts that was nearly the equivalent of telling a kindergarten class that there wasn’t a Santa Claus.

    “He was never really that sentimental about cars – he was always looking for the newest thing,” Shelby said. “These cars that people now pay millions of dollars for, he would tear down in a second to build something better.”

    Noble’s wife and current Chairman of the SCCA Board of Directors, Lisa, and his daughter Jaime Gassmann accepted the honor on behalf of the five-time National Champion whose name has become nearly synonymous with the Formula Vee class.

    “This is a wonderful evening for the Noble family,” Noble said. “Bill raced in SCCA and built engines for 40 years. He had a long standing promise to his customers that, anytime they felt he had a better motor, he would trade his personal motor for theirs on the spot. What he really enjoyed was helping others better themselves, giving away insider’s tricks to anyone who wanted to ask.

    “I love you all, and I want to thank you all for letting us honor Bill tonight. My family and I thank you very much.”

    His daughter summed up her father even more succinctly.

    “He didn’t just want to win,” Gassmann said. “He wanted to expand the class, the competition, the drivers. And then he wanted to kick their ass.”

    The 1978 and 1979 National Champion in B Production, Porterfield also made an impact behind the scenes of the SCCA as a Region Executive, race organizer, brake manufacturer, and Chairman of the Board of SCCA Enterprises.

    “A great many of you knew Andy, so you know that receiving this award would have really humbled him, and embarrassed him as well,” his wife, Judy Porterfield, said. “I sure do miss him, and I’m so grateful to you for appreciating his accomplishments.”

    The 2013 SCCA Hall of Fame class shared the stage with some of the Club’s top honorees.

    Mary Shiloff, of the Detroit Region, was surprised with the Club’s Member of Excellence award. That honor, chosen by the Board of Directors after nominations from SCCA members, is given to the behind-the-scenes person who goes above and beyond normal service to the Club. The trophy comes with an all-expenses paid trip to any motorsports event, anywhere in the world, endowed by an anonymous SCCA member.

    No one was more surprised than Raleigh Boreen, the night’s master of ceremonies who was surprised with the Woolf Barnato Award. The Barnato Award is the Club’s highest honor, presented to the member who has made the most outstanding long-term contribution to the SCCA. Boreen, who has been active in the Solo community for more than 30 years and currently serves on the SCCA Foundation supporting the Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving program, was presented with the honor by last year’s winner, Dick Templeton.

    Also taking home hardware on Saturday night were RallyCross Dirty Cup winner Charles Wright, of the Alabama Region; the John McGill Award for outstanding contribution to Club Racing went to Bob Dowie, Northern New Jersey Region; and the President’s Cup to the driver demonstrating ability, competitiveness and success at the National Championship Runoffs to Jim Drago of the Mid South Region.

    The night ended with SCCA President and CEO Jeff Dahnert thanking the room for their attendance.

    “It was proven again tonight,” Dahnert said. “SCCA is where America’s best amateur drivers race.”

    More information on the SCCA, the SCCA Hall of Fame, the SCCA Awards and the SCCA Convention presented by SafeRacer can be found at, by liking SCCA on Facebook at, and following the SCCA on Twitter @SCCAOfficial.
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    Automotive Legend and American Icon Carroll Shelby Inducted into SCCA Hall of Fame

    LAS VEGAS – March 26, 2013 – Carroll Shelby, founder of the Carroll Shelby Foundation, Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., and Shelby American, Inc., wholly owned subsidiaries of Carroll Shelby International Inc., (CSBI.PK), has been inducted into the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony took place at the SCCA’s Annual Meeting on March 2, 2013, at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. The award will reside with the Carroll Hall Shelby Trust and eventually the Carroll Shelby Foundation, established by the automotive legend in 1991 after his successful heart transplant.

    “Carroll Shelby is an icon in the automotive performance industry,” said SCCA President and CEO, Jeff Dahnert. “He impacted the SCCA as a competitor, as an automotive designer and builder, and his influence within the motorsports world elevated SCCA. We are very proud to have had him as a member of the SCCA and now as a member of the SCCA Hall of Fame.”

    Carroll Shelby was involved with the SCCA for well over 50 years and his impact on the club continues today. As a driver, he took home the SCCA National Championship in 1956. When Shelby turned professional, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959 and competed in eight Formula One races before his career was cut short with a heart ailment.

    Shelby’s involvement with the SCCA continued in the 1960’s through his Cobra sports car and then his efforts turned the Ford GT40 into a winner that defeated Ferrari. Shelby is also known as the man who turned America’s “secretary car” into a pony car. In 49 SCCA National Championship Runoffs, 35 drivers have won in a Mustang or Shelby Cobra.

    “Carroll Shelby’s racing fame began with his domination of SCCA, winning a national championship as a driver during the 1950s,” said SCCA President Dahnert. “Later as an auto manufacturer, his cars regularly won SCCA championships during the 1960s. And with the launch of the current generation of cars a few years ago, Shelbys are once again topping SCCA podiums.”

    Fellow legends John “Skip” Barber, Bill Noble, Bobby Rahal and Andy Porterfield accompanied Carroll Shelby into the SCCA Hall of Fame. The Hall was created to pay tribute to those members that made a significant impact on the development of the SCCA throughout history. With only five inductees this year, initiation into the sacred Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors given in the world of automotive racing.
    “Although Carroll passed away last May, his memory and legacy live on today through his Trust and the Carroll Shelby Foundation,” said Neil Cummings, Co-Trustee of the Shelby Trust and Foundation Board member. “The Foundation is dedicated to helping young people build a better life, and Shelby American and Carroll Shelby Licensing honor his memory by continuing to build exciting cars and create licensing programs that celebrate his ideals.”

    Shelby American manufactures and markets performance vehicles and related products. The company builds authentic continuation Cobras, including the 427 S/C, 289 FIA and 289 street car component vehicles. Shelby American offers the Shelby 1000, GT350, GT500 Super Snake, and GTS post-title packages for the current generation Ford Mustang, as well as the 2013 Shelby Focus ST.

    Automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby was one of the most famous and successful high performance visionaries in the world. He was also a pioneer for modern automotive licensing programs. Beginning in the 1960s, he started licensing his name and designs for various products. He founded Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., which is the exclusive holder of trademarks and vehicle design rights for some of the most famous muscle cars and high-performance vehicles. CSL also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles.


    To learn more about the Carroll Shelby Foundation, make a donation or order an item with the exclusive commemorative signature, follow the link to
    About The Carroll Shelby Foundation
    The Carroll Shelby Foundation was created by legendary racer and automotive manufacturer Carroll Shelby. Headquartered in Gardena, Calif., the Foundation is dedicated to providing medical assistance for those in need, including children, educational opportunities for young people through automotive and other training programs and benefitting the Shelby Automotive Museum. For more information visit
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