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47 Items Ending Tonight on eBay, No Reserve, and CHEAAPPPPPPPPP Currently!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Shelby Collectibles: Books, Model Cars, Posters & ' started by vernonestes, Nov 1, 2020.

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    Jan 14, 2007
    Hey Guys!

    I guess I have nobody to blame but myself for not promoting the listings till the day that they are supposed to end...but the items at the link below are ending tonight. All of the listings have no reserve and most all of them are currently bid to levels which wouldn't cover the shipping! Some amazing items selling and probably a good chance to get some deals tonight! A few examples in particular are listed below! Thanks for taking a peek of the items on offer.

    Kind regards,

    List of items which are particularly low priced at the moment...

    Original 427 Cobra Dragonsnake Spec Sheets!!

    1965 World Champ Points Listings!

    Original 1965 Factory Press Photo!

    Original 1965 Factory Press Photo!

    Original 1965 Factory Press Photo!

    1967 Ford Total Performance News Flash Brochure

    Original 5S003 Press Photo!

    1965 427 Cobra Showroom Brochure!

    1966 Goodyear Blue Streak/Shelby Brochure!!

    1970 GT350/500 Spec Sheet

    1967 Shelby Factory Postcard

    1966-67 427 Cobra Factory Postcard
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