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2017 GT 350 ......bogging

Discussion in 'Shelby History and Miscellaneous Topics' started by fred z, Sep 6, 2017.

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    Jan 6, 2008
    Hermosa Beach , Calif.
    I am not sure where to post so I will enter here and someone can direct me for future post?

    Not sure what else to call it. I notice when I take off from start with little pedal pressure the car seems to accelerate decent, but when I press the pedal a little harder there is a point where it seems to bogg.....meaning it doesn't so much accelerate but more seems in the middle of the lite pedal press and the more heavy press. Obviously when firm pressed it roars and accelerates's just that in between press that sometimes just seems to make noise but not much acceleration
    Hope I explained that right. My uneducated answer would be.........its being caught between lite and heavy pressure and isn't fully getting correct fuel.

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