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1967 GT350 - daltondavid - 12/2006

Discussion in 'Shelby of the Month' started by rshelby, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Shelby Forums - Car of the Month - December 2006
    12/2006 - 1967 G.T.350 - daltondavid

    Shelby Forums username: daltondavid
    Year: 1967
    Make: Shelby
    Model: G.T.350
    Shelby Number: 2264
    Engine: -
    Trans: Auto
    Exterior color: Acapulco Blue
    Interior color: Black
    Selling Dealer: Metke Ford Motors in Bellevue, Washington
    Options: automatic transmission, Kelsey Hays “Mag Star” wheels
    Alterations: -

    1967 Shelby GT350 VIN 67200F0A02264
    Description prepared by Bill Collins on April 23, 2006. Some details have been removed. I thought Bill did such a nice job describing the car, that I decided to go with his observations. since I have aquired the vehicle, I put a new set of tires on it, drove about 30 miles and pulled the Transmission for a rebuild. now that the Winter has set in, the Engine will be coming out for detailing and freshening up of the engine bay itself.- Dave

    AUTHENTICITY: Genuine ’67 Shelby GT350 fastback serial number 2264. Original Shelby VIN plate incorporating a “Z” prefix in the stamping. Plate attached by original black rivets. Shelby VIN is clearly stamped into right fender apron. The 7R02K Ford VIN numbers stamped into the inner fender aprons have not yet been observed and recorded. The door striker pins are date stamped “3-67 on the right side and “4-67” on the left side, evidencing an April build date at Ford. This GT350 is listed in the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) World Registry 1997 Edition, on pages 675 and 747.

    HISTORY: Produced at Ford’s San Jose, CA assembly plant in April of 1967 and shipped to Shelby American in Los Angeles for completion. Completed by Shelby on May 31, 1967 and shipped June 19, 1967 to Metke Ford Motors in Bellevue, Washington. Sold by Metke on August 21, 1967 to the first owner, Anthony K. Goodfellow of Bellevue, WA. Goodfellow was apparently an employee of Boeing Aircraft, as he financed the Shelby through their credit union. Washington State title #WN66408997 was issued in his name August 28, 1967, along with registration plate #ODW879. This plate remained on the car through all subsequent WA owners.

    The second owner was R. Stuart Holdridge of Seattle, Washington who acquired #2264 on October 18, 1969. Washington State title #WN67676138 was issued to him on October 23, 1969. Dealership work orders for him display mileages of 28,531 on February 10, 1970 and 44,392 on August 11, 1971. An April 20, 1972 brake shop work order shows 51,217 miles.

    The third owner was Norman D. Hoag of Bellevue, WA who acquired it on May 22, 1973. His original bill of sale states that the transaction occurred at 4PM for a price of $2000. Mileage was recorded as being 56,508 as of that date. Hoag financed $1500 of the purchase, according to an accompanying loan document. Washington State title WN70091062 was issued in Hoag’s name on June 4, 1973. Although all owners to date were listed in Washington State, Hoag related to the next owner that he actually had purchased the car in Oregon.

    Hoag relocated briefly to Fort Worth, Texas in the mid 1970’s, where he obtained a Texas title for #2264 issued March 1, 1976. He subsequently relocated to Canton, Michigan, where he obtained a Michigan title for #2264, issued July 17, 1982. On June 8, 2002, he sold #2264 to Keith Daniel Batko of Rochester Hills, MI for $37,500. The bill of sale describes the condition as ” tacky, modified, auto trans problems” and lists the mileage as “117,000 approx”.

    Batko retained #2264 through March, 2006 when he sold it to the current owner, Bill Collins, of Harrisburg, PA. Collins took possession on April 8, 2006 and transported the car to Middletown, Pennsylvania on that date.

    CONFIGURATION/CONDITION: This GT350 was originally produced in the Acapulco Blue color with black interior. Grille light arrangement is the “outboard” style. It had optional automatic transmission and was originally equipped with Kelsey Hays “Mag Star” wheels. Radio was AM. This Shelby has been cosmetically and mechanically maintained and/or modified over its history but has never been comprehensively restored. It can be accurately represented as a fundamentally original example that has endured the typical evolutionary changes particular to the times in which they were performed.

    No 7R02K VIN number was found on the block. According to Dave Mathews, the 67 Registrar for SAAC, there was a brief period of 1967 GT350 cars produced that did not get the VIN stamped on them. this car was produced during that period of time.

    The engine assembly stamping date is 7D24, or April 24, 1967. Much of the “7” is not visible, due to the stamping being left of center. The block casting number is C5AE-6015-E, and the block casting date is 7C7 - March 7, 1967. All dates match up with the vehicle production date.

    The original cylinder heads have been removed but accompany the car. They are believed original, being factory high performance with screw in studs and large valve spring seats. One head is dated 6L23 (11/23/66) with ID code “20” and the other is dated 6M8 (12/8/66) with an ID code of “21”.

    The factory high performance air filter assembly is intact. The carburetor is a modern Demon brand replacement installed in October of 2001. An aftermarket Edelbrock intake manifold was installed in May of 1976. The original Cobra large lettered aluminum intake manifold with S7MS engineering number is intact and included. The correct Cobra aluminum valve covers are in place. The original FoMoCo logo dual point distributor with C5OF-E identification and 6H21 date (August 21, 1966) is installed. The water pump was new in October of 1999. The oil pan is a steel aftermarket unit with extended sides for higher capacity.

    An extensive engine rebuild with modifications was performed between December of 1978 and April of 1979. The heads were changed to 351 Windsor units with pushrod guide plates. The short block was rebuilt and balanced with new +.030 overbore pistons installed, machined to work with the Windsor heads and yield close to stock compression. A dual roller timing chain and HD rod bolts were installed. All engine internals were extensively checked and machined to very high performance standards, according to various surviving invoices. An aftermarket Crane camshaft was later installed in Sept of 2000. Hooker exhaust headers were installed in 1979 and the exhaust system was last replaced in April of 2002, using dual flow through style mufflers and flared tips exiting beneath the rear valence.

    The engine compartment is painted semi gloss black, as is the underside of the hood. The radiator is the extended width high performance unit but does not have the C7ZE identification tag on the top tank. An aftermarket coolant recovery bottle has been added. The factory power steering cooler is intact, as is the extra wide diameter pulley on the power steering pump. The factory power brake system is in place. The original export brace is intact. An aftermarket Monte Carlo bar has been added. A new Ford Motorcraft battery is installed. The horns are original.

    The Transmission ID tag is intact and reads: PEE L 289 6L 17C4

    This decodes to '67 high performance C4 - 289 - Shelby - Assembled March 17, 1967. The servo cover ID casting letter is "C" (High performance). The servo cover engineering number is RF - C6TF 7D027 A. The transmission was rebuilt in May of 1979. A shift kit was added, causing a more forceful engagement into upper gears.

    The rear axle is the original 9 inch unit with 3:50 gears, The Differential ID tag is intact reading DSO C7ZX B 3 50 7BA 963

    This decodes to Shelby, 28 spline, 3:50 non locking, assembled 1st week February 1967. The differential case casting date is 7A20 (January 20, 1967).

    As with the engine, the transmission and rear axle assembly are the original factory installed units to this vehicle.

    The rear leaf springs were rebuilt in July of 1982 and additional leaves added. The factory spring snubbers are in place above the forward end of each spring. Koni shocks were installed all around in December of 1978. The present BF Goodrich T/A GR50-15 Radial tires were installed in May of 1979. Two new Ford lower control arms were installed in July of 1982.

    On the exterior, This Shelby was originally built with outboard mounted grille lights. The high beams were replaced with Lucas bullet style “driving lights” in May of 1970. The original wheels were replaced in 1971 with a set of first generation replacement aluminum ten spokes.

    The hood is an all fiberglass, unlouvred style. The deck lid is entirely fiberglass. The lower brake scoops are non-functional. All Shelby exterior equipment, unique identification and trim are intact. The hood pin cables are aftermarket replacements without the factory style swivel ends.

    The exterior was repainted in 1980 to the original Acapulco Blue Metallic color. Non-original white Lemans stripes were added at that time. The white is GMC commercial white as was originally used by Shelby American for 1966 GT350 Lemans stripes.

    Ford NOS door window weatherstrip was installed and some exterior trim, such as door handles, was replaced with NOS.

    All body metal is believed original. The original wood steering wheel is intact with correct GT350 center cap. The radio has been replaced with an ‘80’s vintage Ford factory AM/FM/ 8 track unit. All gauges and accessories are in working order except the clock. The windshield wipers, heater and defroster work well. The heater core was last replaced in August of 1986. The interior of the trunk has its original Acapulco Blue paint. The original insulation mat is in place on top of the gas tank.

    The Acapulco Blue color was not available until later in the ’67 Shelby model year. According to Marti reports, only 145 GT350’s were painted this color in 1967.


    See additional photos of 1967 GT350 #2264 in the Shelby Forums Photo Gallery.
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    Re: 12/2006 - 1967 GT350 - daltondavid

    Very good read. Thanks for submitting.

  3. daltondavid

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    Re: 12/2006 - 1967 GT350 - daltondavid

    I told Randall that Bill Collins is extremely well versed in these cars and has been interested in them since they first were offered in 1965 as a 16 year old kid. he started buying and selling in 1977 and has ownned every type of Shelby Mustang ever produced at one time or another. his personal cars include a new FORD GT, a 65 GT350 and an original 289 COBRA! he is pretty sharp.
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    Re: 12/2006 - 1967 GT350 - daltondavid

    Dave, the car looks good. I'm sure it'll look even nicer now that you've got it.


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