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Thread: 89 Shelby Dakota

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    89 Shelby Dakota

    Need some advice here.
    I want to sell my 89 Shelby Dakota, its a project in process, not completed.
    Body has been stripped to bare metal and painted white.
    New crate motor 318, Hughes Performance massaged the heads, and custom ground the cam to work with my 3:90 gears, 904 3 speed transmission, full manual TCI valve body, shifter, and stall.
    The motor & tranny is in the truck, but no bolt ons.
    I have BRAND NEW ceramic coated headers, Demon carb, radiator, distributor, Taylor Wires, Magnaflow Mufflers.
    Also Caroll Shelby autographed my dash and I have a letter of authenticity for that.

    I'm busy renovating my home AND trying to put together a home machine shop. Just no time for toyz.

    So what do ya'll think a fair price would be? I'm going to round up all my receits and pictures and plan on putting it on e bay soon.

    Have a good day!

    P.S. Smart ass answers will be ignored.

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    Re: 89 Shelby Dakota

    hello, im new here and i'm looking for a computer for my 89 white shelby dakota #877......would you have info on place's to look? or know a place to have them built?.....thank you for your time

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    Re: 89 Shelby Dakota

    I have a stick pcm for a 89 Shelby Dakota if you are still looking for one.

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    Re: 89 Shelby Dakota

    i found one, ..but now im looking for the front shelby badge for the grill ..for i hit a deer it just took out the grill and driver side headlight ...if anyone can point me the way to find will be a name your price kind of buy $$$

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    Re: 89 Shelby Dakota

    I am looking for a computer module for my 1989 Dodge Shelby truck. It has a new transmission and everything is great. If anyone can give me advice on where to find one, I would appreciate it. Or, if anyone wants to buy it, that is my other possible option. Please contact me as soon as possible. (865)379-2543. Thank You!

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