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Thread: Factory Five vs Superformance

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    Factory Five vs Superformance

    What are some of your opinions about the Factroy Five MkIII kit and the Superformance MkIII replica? Are there any major differences regarding accuracy and resemblence to the original?

    Just as an afterthought, what would be the best engine to put in a kit/replica? I was thinking about the 427 big block.

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    Re: Factory Five vs Superformance

    Do your research. I like the Superformance but I built a FFR. Round tube chassis, aluminum panels, constant upgrades and unreal customer service. The FFR weighs in at 1985 lbs. dry. You don't need tons of horse to get great performance. If your looking to drive it a little and have the oooh ahhh factor when you open the hood the go with the 427. I run a 347 injected. Rock reliable, affordable to build and parts are easy to get.

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    Re: Factory Five vs Superformance

    I sold SPF products for 4 years, if you have any specific questions, please feel free email and ask, To me, if you have the funds, there is no comparison, the SPF is the superior replica.
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