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Thread: Tire size 66 427 cobra

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    Tire size 66 427 cobra

    I have a 1966 427 cobra with 26.5X8.0X15 and 26.5X10.5X15. I need to put new tires on it. What size would you put on and what brand?

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    Re: Tire size 66 427 cobra

    If you are interested in 15" "V" rated tires for your Cobra, the selection is
    almost non existent. However, may I suggest that you take a look at the
    Avon Street Legal CR36ZZ "V" rated tyres.

    Sizes for a Cobra: Fronts, 225/65R15 99V
    Dia. 26.65" Section Width 9.13" Tread Width 7.91"

    Rears, 245/60R15 101V
    Dia. 26.65" Section Width 9.88" Tread Width 8.66"

    I am currently using the 225's on PS Engineering Trans Am Wheels on my
    '66 Shelby and am quite satisfied with them.

    Be advised that the Avons are kind of pricey. But it is a quality "V" rated,
    street legal tire. Also, notice Kirkhams are offering Avons as an upgrade.

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