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Thread: Out of warranty clutch Question

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    Out of warranty clutch Question

    Hey Guys New Member here, i am currently in the last leg of purchasing a 2007 GT 500 with 34k on it . Everything seems to be in order with it and drives very good . I've owned several sports cars from vettes and trans am's to BMW's i also am a mechanic before i joined the army so i kinda know what to expect buying a used sports car . My question here is guys i read all these terrible clutch issues and TSb's about it , but my car is out of warranty and the carfax they gave me has no part every showing where it was replaced.

    Soo could i just have a good clutch and flywheel assembly? Lets just say if not and it goes out in 5k since its out of warranty and stuff would the TSB really not work anymore therefor leaving me to replace it on my own??

    Thanks alot for your help


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    Re: Out of warranty clutch Question

    I think the short answer is that it's hard to say what could happen but if the car has made it to 34,000 without a clutch issue, that's a good sign. In my opinion, part of the problem with these clutch issues is located between the steering wheel and the seat.

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