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Thread: Dash plaque info ???????

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    Dash plaque info ???????

    I am in the process of buying a 2008 gt500. I am looking at several cars, I noticed that some cars have a dash plaque between the air vents which is signed by the man and has the CS logo on it. Other cars do not have such a plaque. What is the deal with this?
    How important is it and could it be ordered and signed and have the serial number punched in. Or was this an option when ordering the car new.

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    Re: Dash plaque info ???????

    The dash plaques for the GT 500's may be purchased from Shelby American in Las Vegas. Only the Shelby GT's and GT 500 KR's came stock with dash plaques with CSM numbers. The ones now offered for the GT 500's do not contain a Shelby CSM number but come with your VIN number. Also, I believe you can get one with Carroll Shelby's signature for an additional expense.

    If I had a GT 500, I'd get one for sure. They might not be offered forever!

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    Re: Dash plaque info ???????

    check out these links:

    you can get your window sticker and your vehicle manufacture # and register your shelby.

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    Re: Dash plaque info ???????

    Thanks alot, I did not know they were availible. I will go ahead and finalize this deal come monday. Can't wait to get it home!
    So If I got this right all the plaques on the cars were purchased afterwards as well as the certificates..
    I will post some pictures as soon as it arrives, too bad I cannot drive it home (too much snow around here)
    I will go ahead and register, and purchase the docs as soon as car has been paid and its legally mine.............

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