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Thread: Magnum 500 wheel codes!

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    Magnum 500 wheel codes!


    Does anyone know what the codes refer to on the back side of the Magnum 500 rims? I was looking at a set that had 10 1 HD on a couple with the Ford logo. Is this an October 1, 84 production date? Does the HD refer to year 84 or something else? These were pulled off a '66 GT350 so trying to figure out if they were added later or not?


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    Re: Magnum 500 wheel codes!

    Where did you find the codes - on the edge of the rim?

    Looking at 66 ones I'm seeing most of the info on the rim inside (where the tire goes) . Have 69-70's with info on the edge of the rim
    Jeff Speegle

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    Re: Magnum 500 wheel codes!

    Yea. Turns out I talked to an expert on the Magnum 500's and the Shelby rims were slightly different with a 1/8" offset. They also had a 1 and unistyle stamped on them and a 14 x 6 JK where the tire goes. The Ford logo didn't appear until '69. There was also a code similar to a "795C" plus some logo on the Shelby's.

    The one's I was considering had been removed from a Shelby 20 years ago but were not original as the owner implied due to them having a Ford logo on them. I decided to pass as original Magnum 500's can be picked up quite cheaply if all you want is the look.

    There were apparently 13 variations of the Magnum 500's throughout their year's of production.

    FYI, there doesn't seem to be much info on the net to decipher the various Magnum 500 codes. Not that I could find anyway.

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    Re: Magnum 500 wheel codes!

    It can be difficult to determine the correct wheel for the 66 Hertz Shelby from the numbers on the inside of wheel. I have not found a sure way as of yet. That insignia that you see is from the Motor Wheel company, the wheel manufacturer. It looks like a capital 'M' with a capital 'W' over top. A correct Hertz wheel will probably have the 14 x 6 JK Unistyle marking on the inside but the key is the backspacing which I believe is around 3-1/2 to 3-5/8". Many similar wheels were used on Chrysler products. However, the wheel itself is correct but the center is welded more towards the front of the wheel with a resultant backspacing of approx. 4-1/4". Hope this helps.

    Craig R.

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