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Thread: Value of old carb?

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    Value of old carb?

    I pulled a 725cfm holley off to replace witha carb that was a better match to my setup. 650 DP Quickfuel. Nice new carb, car runs much better. The Holley was just rebuilt and tuned for my engine but it was just too much for my stock heads. Anyhow, when I contacted holley for the rebuild kit they informed me that the carb was a 1968 replacement carb for a 1965 GT350. I can take any pictures you want. I am interested in selling this carb to a shelby owner as oppossed to letting it sit with the rest of my growing mustang collection. The shop owner who rebuilt the carb said not to sell the carb for less than $650. Let me know if you are interested or if you know the actual fair value. Thanks, Jeff
    The following is the post I received from Holley.
    thanks for your e-mail
    you have a model 4150 725 CFM
    for a 1968 Shelby 289 HP
    renew kit part # 3-1184
    Thanks for being a Holley customer
    If there is anything else I can help with please let me know Thanks Ricky

    Your question was:
    I have an older holley on my car and I would like some info on the carb.
    part number is 4118 and it looks pretty old. It has the choke with a heat riser connection.
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    Re: Value of old carb?

    The 4118 is a service replacement for the S8MS A/C. To be honest they are fairly common. I would say maybe $100 as a core

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