Are you ready to be the custodian of a piece of history? Shelbys have gone up in value 7-10% now that Carroll is gone. Are you going to buy your dream car now or be disapointed when you can't afford one? This Clients car is going to the highest bidder. This 68 GT 500 under went a full rotisserie restoration about 6 years and 5,000 miles ago. The motor and transmission have been physically verified to be the origional drive train to the car. The vin number stamped into both units are clearly marked and the date code on the block correlates with the build date on the Marti report. The car is listed in the registry as "Current owner unknown". I do have knowledge of at least three owners of this car. The motor and transmission have gone through a complete rebuild. No machine work or parts were spared in the overhaul. All of the bolt on's were replaced as well or rebuilt. Water pump, fuel pump, alternator, starter, power steering pump/ hoses/ control valve/ cylinder, carb, distributor, motor mounts, belts, hoses, clutch assembly, drive shaft and a whole lot more, the list goes on and on. The posi 9 inch 3:50 ratio rear end was dismantled and rebuilt with all new components, bearings and seals. The front end suspension and brake system have all been rebuilt or replaces with new parts. Brand new exhaust system/ stock exhaust manifolds with flowmaster mufflers as well. The body has all of its origional metal and fiberglass with the exception of the drivers door skin, it was replaced early in its life. The short passengers side floor pan was replaces due to a heater core leak. The only collision on the car is the left rear corner was bumped, hammered out and filled. All of the repairs are of good quality. All of the sheet metal and fiberglass gaps are correct. Good quality materials were used on refinishing the body and paint. A new interior was installed in the car and is still in great shape. The heater core has since been replaced. All of the gauges are in good working condition and all of the windows roll up and down, door locks/ latches work just fine. It does however have an after market radio and console gauges. All of the exterior chrome and trim was replaced as well. The undercarriage as you can see has the correct red oxide finish with just the right amount of Highland green over spray on the underneath. Also you can see the undercarriage is not all beat up and punished like a 40 year old mustang. This is because the car was treated properly and did not run over cement parking blocks and was not improperly jacked. I have personally driven this car on more recent occasions. It is totally road worthy. Good smooth power through all of the gears, no leaks or smoke. The car is tight in cornering and heavy braking. In my opinion the car needs the following things repaired or replaced. Front end bumper brackets and hardware are missing. There are a couple of chips that need to be touched up. Scrach in the clear coat on the drivers door. A good clay buff and polish job to the exterior. Door jam sill plates are old and original. Aluminum door speaker grills are old and original. Passengers side exhaust leak. Turn signal switch in the columb needs to be replaced. Steering wheele old and original. Trunk lid missing tentioning spring. Center console is old and in origional condition. And last a good cleaning and detail job. I think you take care of these items you will have a spactular car! There is no warranty or guarantee on this car. So please fly out and look at it or hire some one to inspect it for you. Call and ask as manny questions as you like. More pictures and the Marti report upon request. I do accept a 10% deposit, two thousand can be through Pay Pal with in the next 48 hours after the sale. Then the rest of the deposit with in 48 hours of that. Deposits are non refundable. I am allway's willing to work with some one on the rest of the funds for the car, just ask me! I also deal with a shipping broker who gives me wholesale shipping. Best regards, Rich at The Mustang Ranch 303-931-5412 Check out this Youtube Clip. Sory the fastbacks in the back ground are not for sale